Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nightmare before Christmas 4D!!!!

So what's your favorite movie? I know...Labou! Ok, so what's your second favorite? Probably, Tim Burton's NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

One again, Disney's El Capitan theater is doing a special holiday run of this classic Halloween/Christmas cross-over. They've done it in 3D for several years now, but this time it's in 4D! I don't know how that will play out exactly, but I sure wanted to see for myself. I was able to get a hold of 6 tickets for opening night, which is tonite (10/21/10) Unfortunately, a very important event came up and conflicted my schedule. So I'm offering my tickets up to whoever asks for them!

Oh, and did I mention that my buddy Danny Elfman is hosting tonite's screening? It's the only night he will be there, and it obviously sold out quite some time ago. And it gets better! You don't need to stand in line or worry about sitting all the way up front, because I have VIP tickets. Assigned seats, no waiting, and free popcorn and beverage. Damn, this is depressing me as I write this.

The good news for me is I get to be the special guest at tonite's Hammer Improv show with the funniest people I know: Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Tony Janning, Alex Albrecht, Tara Perry, and Brooke Sequin. You may know those guys from a few projects I've worked on. I definitely plan on laughing so hard I forget all about the Pumpkin King.

But, You can visit Halloween town for sure. Just tweet at me if you are interested @gregaronowitz I will be running around all day, so I won't have time to check comments on my blog. Just thought I'd post all the details here so you could see what its all about.

And if you don't get my tickets to Nightmare, definitely come to the Hammer Don't Hurt'Em show! Click here for more info.

Last thing! Sorry for not returning any Halloween costume inquiries. I never get any time to do stuff like that around the holidays. But be sure to check out past posts on this blog for tips and techniques on how to do your own!

Hope to hear from you soon,


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