Monday, March 1, 2010

How To Build Codex's Staff Pt.3

All good things must come to an end. It’s sad, but true. Luckily, we saved the best for last! Not only do I think that this is the funniest of the three “Making the Codex Staff” videos, but this final entry also brings us to announcing the details of how you can own the very prop you have seen being made!

I think this video is particularly funny because Felicia and I had already done a full day of working at that bench, probably around 10 hours by the time this portion of the video started filming. We were both a little slap happy, and everything we did seemed funny to us at the time. Hopefully it seems funny to you now!

Despite all the laughing, we still managed to create an awesome version of the Codex Staff. It is exactly everything the original prop for the “Do You Want to Date My Avatar” video was, and, in my opinion, even better, because this one was hand crafted by Felicia Day herself! I can’t recall ever hearing about a collectible prop for a character in a show actually made by the creator and star of that show before. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to me that some lucky fan will actually own this! And it’s even better because all of the proceeds from the auction to win it will go to the Red Cross, a charity providing relief for the recent disasters in Haiti and Chile.

The staff is signed by both Felicia and myself, and is truly a one of a kind item. If you are a Guild fan, click on this link and bid for an amazing treasure and a great cause:

I will personally pack the staff and mail it to the winner to make sure it arrives intact. And feel free to ask me any questions you may have before you bid.

And for all of you who are making your own staff, here are the materials you will need for the final steps:

Gold spray paint

White acrylic paint

Tamiya Red clear acrylic

12”x12” leather

3/16” rough hemp twine

Cyanoacrylate glue and kicker

Spray 77 adhesive

Gather up all the parts you made last week, and grab these tools:

X-acto knife with #11 blades

12” ruler

Small paintbrushes

Once again, I want to thank my crew. You did an amazing job filming and prepping everything, and I look forward to working with you all on the next video blog. Brad did a particularly spectacular job this segment, especially in cutting in all the frames that show me at my geekiest!

This is so sad! I feel like I’m at an awards show with all these final thank yous! Luckily, I can promise more video blogs coming soon, with some very special guests. Of course, none can ever be as special as my first guest, Felicia Day! I hope she comes back for more. I had such a great time. I will, however, actively persuade her from using that table saw! (Cringe!!!)

And huge thanks to Fallbrooke for the use of their songs in all three videos. This video featured “The Best Thing”. You should definitely check out their whole album at

This segment also included another track from the LABOU soundtrack. “Without You I’m a Mess” was written and performed by none other than SPD Green Ranger Matt Austin. After you bid on the staff, go to Netflix and watch Matt’s new documentary on the late John Hughes, “Don’t You Forget About Me”.

Oh, and I need to acknowledge my dogs, Art and Print, for all the helpful advise they sprinkle throughout the videos! They really are rather clever…

I am sure you already have you copy of the Guild Season 3 on DVD. I got to do a special feature on "Making Vork's Sword". It is just one of many amazing bonus features. If you don't have it, go get one now! Click on the image below for details...

Lastly, it's the 1st of March, which means it's my good friend Simon Tams's birthday! Simon gave me my first art department job in Hollywood, and my life has never been the same. Everyone who knows Simon should give him a big hug today cause he's awesome. And everybody who doesn't know Simon can still leave birthday wishes for him in the comments! I'll print them out like a giant card! Happy birthday, my friend!

Alright, I gotta go start prepping for this next blog. Please sign up to be a member of the BarnYardFX blog by clicking on the "Follow" button to the right. Also, follow me on twitter @gregaronowitz to get updates about new topics and guests.

Thank you all so much for visiting, and good luck bidding!

Oh, and yes, Felicia, the Clove hitch is real!!!!!


  1. That's some great work! And may I just add, Greg you lucky lucky bas......sorry.

  2. This was fantastic. Great work. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Felicia, you klepto! lol
    My pugs want a playdate with Art and Print :)

  3. Happy Birthday Simon Tam!
    And congratulations Greg and Felicia creating some good laughs and cooking up a staff at the same time. Hope to see more fun stuff on this blog. You go great stuff!

  4. Greg you are awesome and Felica is just nuts, amazed that after 10+ hrs you guys were just slap happy and not threatening to kill each other.

    Also belated
    Happy Birthday Simon Tam, i think the blame can be lain at your feet for me enjoying a wonderfully funny half hour.