Monday, May 31, 2010

Best Friends

I shot this PSA on Memorial Day, 10 years ago! You are probably familiar with my dogs Art and Print from the pop up bubbles on my blog. This video feature my previous pup, CUT. He was quite the ham, and loved being on camera. Especially when it was with my friend Roxanne Galla!

Not surprisingly, the entire thing was shot in at the BarnYard. Timothy Lee DePriest, the guy in the video, helped me build the "boardwalk", and the park lamp was a rental from Universal. All the flowers in the background are silk. I wanted a hot summer look, so this spot was the first time I tried the tobacco filter on film. i would later use it to capture the feel of a New Orleans summer in LABOU.

This whole concept was inspired by Cut's actual reaction to people smoking. He was always pretty clear on what was on his mind! I miss him dearly. He always made me smile. I hope watching this makes you smile, too!

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. I laughed towards the end! Since I find cigarette smoke really annoying, I thought the message of the video was great.