Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Bryan Fulk!

No, This is not the new Terminator! It's Bryan Fulk, model maker, sculptor, prop guy, and good friend!

Today is Bryan's birthday! I think a bunch of people are getting together tonight to celebrate, but I caught some bug today, so I'm stuck at home. He's not on Twitter or Facebook, but I wanted to wish him a public Happy Birthday so everyone else can join in too. If you run into him, buy him a cupcake. Don't worry, he's harmless. The blood in this photo is completely fake. I think...

One of the first projects Bryan worked on for me was "The Guild Sells Out" Christmas special I directed in '09. I think it was only his second day at the Barnyard when he ended up pulling an all-nighter helping me paint dozens of the ZABOO PHEROMONE SPRAY props. It turns out, even though Bryan is actively working in film and television, he has always dreamed of making toys and figures. So Christmas was the perfect time for him to end up at the Barnyard, or, as it is called at that time of the year, North Pole West.

Bryan has worked on countless projects with me since then, including favorites such as "Legend of Neil" season 3. I've heard a rumor that LON may finally make it to DVD. Definitely buy one!

If you haven't seen N3IL, go check it out on We made all kinds of crazy stuff for that show, including Centaurs that involved another all-nighter. As if you couldn't tell from this late night photo of us...

And if you look close in the "GLOFFICE" episode, you might catch a glimpse of a few motivational posters dressing the walls. Bryan portrayed the Wizrobe for this "SLAPPED" edition.

And then there was the music video that crashed Twitter! Remember that? The 80's metal band ACCEPTwas great to work with, but we had no idea that their band name was a backdoor code to force tweeters to follow you. We caused a bit of a panic there for a day or so. I blame the prop Flying V guitars Bryan built. We set them on fire as a foreground piece as the band rocked out. Oh, and a valuable tip from that shoot: Never use real barbed wire at night!!!!!

If you were at the Star Trek convention in Vegas last year, you might have seen the Borg Queen I created for the Roddenberry party. Bryan came out to help get her and several other Borgs assimilated quickly. I have some crazier pictures from that trip, but I don't want to embarrass him on his birthday!

Alright, maybe just a little! Here we are at the Pajama Party late night screening of my movie "How to Make Love to a Woman" during the Feel Good Film Festival. First, it's not an instructional video, it's a romantic comedy. Second, we dared each other to have the craziest pajamas. I showed up in my T-rex footy pajamas made by Ginny McQueen. But Bryan beat me in his panda footies. As you can see, Marissa is attempting to break up a fist fight. Those pajama parties get rough!

I've been trying to figure out what to get Bryan for his birthday for a while. He is a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, but the problem is, he has EVERYTHING! Recently, I found a few molds from when I worked on the animatronic Ninja Turtle heads from the live stage show about 20 years ago! I'm going to try to dig the rest out of storage and put together a bona fide Turtle head for him.

But that may take a while. Especially if he doesn't help me. And that's weird, making someone assist on their own birthday present. So in the meantime, Bryan, Happy Birthday! Here's a photo from the past showing what your gift of the future will look like! And the icing on the cake? You can make fun of my 80's Farrah Fawcett hair.


  1. Thanks for such a nice tribute to our son on his birthday! Janet and Duane Fulk

  2. Happy Birthday Buddy.. hope you had a great B-day.. it was great hanging out with you at the recent G5 Wrap party. Keep in touch.