Saturday, November 10, 2012

SyFy's Hot Set

A few months ago, I had the privilege of joining SyFy Channel on a new show called Hot Set. But, as a first, I wasn't behind the scenes this time, I was actually starring in the show! Well, at least an episode of the show.

Hot Set is from the minds that brought you the make-up effects based sensation Face Off, only this time the focus is on the art of production design for film and television. Each week, two designers go head to head to design their version of a set based on an excerpt from a script.

Each designer is allowed to bring two team members that they usually work with. I was joined by Red5 and Amish, and our set theme was "Alien Queen".

It was a very different experience, creating a set as "competitive sport". Probably the closest I will ever come to "live performance art!"

It was quite the challenge, but we had a great time doing it. Curious how it turned out? You can now watch it online thanks to

It's so strange to see myself on television! Let me know what you think about how we did in the comments below.


  1. ~SPOILER~

    Congratulations to the win! Always fun to have more of you and Red5 on video.

    Shame no one fixed your collar before the intro though...

  2. It was exciting to watch and the set looked great. Competitions are often decided by the personal tastes of the judges and not always concrete evaluations of what is done, but they picked correctly. Congratulations. Your Fan from Texas. Keri's Dad

  3. Dear Greg, Loved you on Hot Set! I already loved the show and was excited to see you agreed to be on it! I was cheering for you the whole time and thought you were the clear winner. Amazing underwater world. Great concept and great execution. By the way, I thought you were very natural on television. KM-Omaha

  4. Unfortunately Scy Fy doesn't let their videos stream outside of the US, but I managed to catch the show on Space Channel's 12 Days of Spacesmas marathon, I had to stay up extra late just to watch your episode and was rooting for you the whole way hah. Great job! It amazes me how close BOTH teems seem to always be near the end no matter how one seems far behind mid way. You guys sure know how to turn a pile of rubble into a beautiful set FAST.

  5. You took a huge risk on your interpretation of the throne room, but it looked frickin' fantastic. Well done! You (and your crew!) completely earned that victory.

    Mind if I ask, what was your budget? And how many hours were there in a day?