Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fallbrooke "Take Me Under" Music Video

Here it is, if you followed Greg's Zombie school this is the end product.


  1. Oh my god this is amazing. I'm a HUGE Fallbrooke fan and would have killed to be on the set you guys had. I'm so amazed that you did this in your DRIVEWAY!! I'm hoping to get into music video production at some point myself and this is simply an incredible glimps into the scene, and such a unique take. It's like Thriller! They don't make video's like this/that anymore! It's so 80's but its soooo cool. I've never seen something so crazy and so well documented. The makeup and effects are somthing you hardly ever see in the videos of today. Truely innovative.

    Your entire process is so incredible, its amazing. It makes me want to dive in and do something myself. I went post by post, did you do ALL of this yourself?? I saw a couple pictures in your posts with some other people but I didn't really see a whole crew or anything. Do you work alone or do you have a company that does this with you? I was looking at your links here and in the Alien Ninja page there's this whole documentary, but video, of your work on that. Are those people part of a team you have? Are they interns? The episode you did of who everyone looks like was HILARIOUS! Thats a reality show right there. I'd soooo love to do this stuff, it looks like you guys have a ball, what a fun place to work!

    Thanks for sharing all of this!!



    I hope you do some more of this stuff, photo and video blogging. It's so amazing and inspiring.

  2. I'm an MFA studio sculpture major at George Washington University and I am really fascinated by your work. I have been following your blog for awhile now and I would LOVE to talk to you if you can find a moment in your CRAZY schedule of work and no sleep. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 401.864.3440. Any amount of time you can spare would be very much appreciated.